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Getting there slowly

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Christmas Edit

Green and Daz have been taking a different slant on the annual Lords of the Swords competition. Last year they made their video as though it were  a video game. Check it out here. Afterwards Matt said he wanted to do another dressing up edit and it was decided that a Christmas video was in order, here’s skating from Santa, Rudolph, elves and some good boys who didn’t get coal this year.

Chelmsford Christmas Edit from Jim Styling on Vimeo.

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Lords of the Sword 2013

I guess I’ve been at this for a while now, this is the third LOTS video I’ve posted.

This year the Pasty Attack Force lost a couple of members and gained a couple others. SA was out of the country and Simon was busy bringing the mini version of himself, Dexter into the world (congrats!). So Batfink, Rob and I were Joined by Jake and Tim who also travelled up from the sunny southwest.

Without a car we were never going to smash it like we did last year, but we still had a great time hitting up Dunmow, Colchester and Brentwood. Including a particularly big night at Empire on the Saturday (Cheers guys!).

In the end our video was short but filler free. Check it out below (or on vimeo for better quality.

Lords of the Swords 2013 Pasty Attack Force from Jim Styling on Vimeo.

The weekend got me hyped to go skating much more, so I went after work the tuesday after and promptly rolled my ankle. It’s taken nearly a year but I’m finally back on-board now (hence the complete lack of updates.)

New old footage coming soon.

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Lords of the Swords 2012

We’ve only gone and won it! 

Now that LOTS has grown and become more developed I have found myself having less and less to do. It’s nice to see something you made, grow to the point you can let go of it and see where it goes. This year I took the role of taskmaster and gathered up challenges from Braintree, Colchester, Dunmow, Saffron Walden and Romford. I also wrote a load of general challenges (and lots of “fun” ones, which unfortunately didn’t get put in). Having less involvement with the day to day running of it, I was more at ease with taking part.

I wanted to spread the love a bit, so invited people who I had met whilst living and skating in the sunny south west. Unfortunately a few days before the event two of the team dropped out and facing with a lack of skaters and more importantly a hefty petrol bill we needed to fill out roster quickly. Batfink came to the rescue roping in Rob and Corey from Newquay. Lots of respect for them making such a long trip and big effort at such short notice, especially when I’m not entirely sure they knew what they were letting themselves in for. They spent three hours on the train to meet Simon and I at Exeter where we loaded up his passion wagon and made the long journey up to Essex, picking up SA on the way.


We spent the weekend exploring the best that Essex has to offer, drinking cheap beer and sleeping in tents, when all was said and done I think the guys were disappointed that they hadn’t done every single challenge in the book. With the number we had done we probably could have just had a BBQ on the sunday and still topped the standings. LOTS isn’t really about the points though, it’s about skating and having a laugh. We definitely ticked these boxes, and I was stoked to have met Rob and Corey and as for the skating, well take a look and see…

Pasty Attack Force Lords of the Swords 2012 from Jim Styling on Vimeo.

Unfortunately this year the dreaded popularity contest online vote was back, so to get our hand on the sick trophy that Bruce had made we needed to spam up facebook. We must have done something right, the voting page got 21,000 hits over the 6 days it was open and we topped the rankings with just over 1000 votes. Check out said page here, Michael Barrymore’s skateboarding dream team and the ramprage top goons edits, are top of my list of entries.

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Man & Boy

Here are some clips collected from various places Simon and I have visited over the past year or so, some of it new, some of it not. A “part” each for us and a big ole friends section in the middle. Music is by The Eels.

Man & Boy from Jim Styling on Vimeo.

Life’s better in HD so hit up the Vimeo link.

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Prime Movers

I found this draft post that I never published from about 6 months ago. I was sure some of the footage from Man & Boy had been used elsewhere but it wasn’t up here. I wasn’t really that hyped on this edit as it included a lot of older grainy shaky footage. Definitely feel like there has been some improvement though so there is something positive to take from it. Anyway for the sake of completeness here it is:

Here’s another edit from footy picked up at prime skatepark over the past few weeks on skate tuesdays. I’m sorry if I filmed you and you footy isn’t in there, it isn’t because I hate you, it’s because I’m disorganised.

Prime Tuesdays Vol. 2 from Jim Styling on Vimeo.

Certainly getting there slowly! There is a definite divide between older and newer footage. I need to hit the streets some more, no more park edits for a while.

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Archive footage

Found this whilst backing up other videos, must be a couple years old. I had forgotten about it as it had only been uploaded to facebook. It’s from a skatejam to raise awareness about the chelmsford skatepark campaign. Harry’s MC skills make it I think.

One More, Barrier Man! from Jim Styling on Vimeo.

As to the current state of the skatepark campaign, two of the more active members have moved away, and before that the project was put on hiatus until university building work had finished, with some hope that their development might lend funds to our project. The council did revamp the old park for us, fixing some of the more dangerous parts and giving it a small rejig, time will tell.